Meetings with momentum

Let Artificial Intelligence summarize the discussion

Wrappup processes speech and creates playable summaries of your discussions


Trying to recall what Steve said? Search for it

Search through speech and jump to important parts of your discussion

Share the efficiency, send out minutes in seconds

Share playable minutes with anyone (even those who missed the meeting!)

Superpower your Inside Sales with real conversation data
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Video Call + Notes

Wrappup takes the hassle out online meetings by integrating the ability to highlight and take notes. Plus, integrates with Slack!

Start a Call Add to Slack
Wrappup On-the-go!

Take Wrappup with you everywhere you go. Record any discussion, highlight important moments and playback on-the-go.


Search Speech

Use the speech search engine to pinpoint any word spoken

Keyword Tags

Wrappup will suggest keywords based on different talking points

Voice AI Highlights

Auto-highlight actions and decisions in playable summaries

Multi-platform Cloud App

Record dial-ins

web conferences,

or face-to-face meetings

Send Out Minutes

Send minutes to loop everyone in with summaries

Playback Highlights

Playback your notes and action items for more context